STUDIOetc :: rebrand

When you're a marketing agency with too many skills to fit into that punchy, three-word tagline, sometimes "etc" is all you need ...

STUDIOetc :: rebrand

When you're a marketing agency with too many skills to list in a punchy, three-word tagline, sometimes all you need is a little "etc" ...
A new identity calls for a celebration, and with our clients and neighbors arriving at the agency to honor the new us at our launch event, we decided to mark the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, etc-style. As guests arrived, they were encouraged to each take part in our symbolic ribbon-cutting and scissor off a wearable badge of honor that showcased our brand new name.
Playing with letters -- magnetic, in this case -- seemed appropriate for the occasion.

Our capabilites stacked up into a tall deck, but our penchant for sustainable design had us spiraling toward bamboo binding rather than your typical here-today, landfilled-forever Wiro.

Click, zoom, and flip through to read the capabilities copy.
All copywriting, concept, and design is by Jessica Koffman for STUDIOetc.

Invitation to tour STUDIOetc:

Set on a beautiful historic campus of buildings, STUDIOetc's personality is anchored in its gorgeous Exton PA location. We wanted a way for clients to get to know us better, so we invited them to visit and get the grand tour. This made a perfect next step leave-behind too. When presenting on clients' territory, we left an invitation to come check out our neck of the woods next time around.

Custom Invitation and insert were created, printed, and hand-assembled in-house and under-budget.

French paper provided our palette and also a deep shade of recycled-content green.

Click, zoom, and flip through to read the content included in the Z-fold invitation. All copywriting, concept, and design by Jessica Koffman for STUDIOetc.
From eco-ethical inventions to non-conventional conventions, STUDIOetc has enough points of difference to fill a novel. One page seemed more attention-span friendly, however.
Click, zoom, and flip through to read the finer points.
All copywriting, concept, and design by Jessica Koffman for STUDIOetc.

Local and national ads targeted neighbors and familiar industry players alike.
You could think of the distance between STUDIOetc's main office and its partnered production facility as 15.6 miles. Or you could think of it as 45 minutes of wasted meeting time when you and the client are driving there in separate cars. The mobile meeting room is the answer to keeping the conversation flowing during the to and fro.

The Client
It was clear from the rattling off of lengthy anecdotes and communal rounds of head-scratching that -- when it came to capabilities and positioning -- the marketing agency formerly known as StudioEEC felt a few stories shy of elevator-pitch perfect.

The Challenge
With a long history of expertise in trade show marketing, and combined skills in all kinds of 2D and 3D branding, StudioEEC certainly had a big list of big talents to discuss -- but the big picture of the agency felt more like a 4-hour documentary than a well-composed snapshot.

The Strategy
Six months after stepping in as Design Director, there was no preventing the branding side of my brain from taking over. ... How about we usher in a much-needed change by adjusting just one little letter? We ditched the eec and tacked on "etc" instead. Now our letters meant something. With our new identity fit to that T," we embraced the idea that we were many things to many people. Too many to list, and that was the point! We launched the brand new STUDIOetc with an in-house event and got motoring on a whole new set of custom capabilities pieces. The result was a fresh, new dialogue with existing clients -- many of whom had no idea that we did everything we did! -- and a new way to reach out to new clients. Large. Small. Medium. etc!

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Brand Strategy
Concept Development
Creative Direction
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