SEI :: in words

SEI selected five "in words" that represent what their brand means to them. It was our job to make sure those words stuck, by delivering them as vocabulary to remember.

SEI :: in words, internal brand collateral
SEI's in-house culture identified five main "in words" that respresent their brand. It was our job to make sure this vocabulary came to life internally, with the right support materials.
Design Direction, Jessica Koffman
Design Execution, Tim Solliday (Philadelphia PA)

Functioning as part deck of cards and part desktop display, "in words" are delivered gradually until each SEI employee has a complete collection.
Inside the "in words" mix of mailings is on-brand artwork, drawn both from SEI's extensive in-house art collection and also from employee-submitted artwork.
Cards are meant to be traded. So when you receive an "in words" greeting, you are encouraged to pass it on so that it becomes a personalized part of a fellow brand ambassador's collection. 
Last but not least, the laminated flashcard. Vocabulary in action!
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