healthy pet :: veterinary clinics

A "chain" of veterinary clinics sounds cool and impersonal, but not when the whimsical world of pets brings a friendly an welcoming vibe to every facet of this love-'em-like-family brand!

Healthy Pet :: veterinary clinics
the whimsical world of pets brings the friendly to an otherwise sterile chain of vet clinics
illustrations by the fabulous Don Wilson (Chicago)
A healthy pet is a playful pet, and so our branding followed suit. Completely modular, the main logo is always being batted about, pounced on, and perched atop so that it never appears static.

And certainly, our healthy pets wouldn't miss the opportunity to breathe some life into letterhead either.

Lively pets deserve a boisterous take on your average gridded-out newsletter, website and promotional collateral.

Branding leaves no symbol unturned.
At every opportunity, pet owners are welcomed with whimsy and intrigued by helpful little health and behavioral tips that stimulate the doctor/patient/pet(!) dialogue.
From emergency wallet cards to reminder notes, all of the branded communications work in tandem to reassure clients that this is a group of veterinarians who truly cares about the details.
Pets are patients too, and their health deserves the same level of enthusiasm that any other family member might expect. To help that effort along, Healthy Pet presented binders to house preventive care literature as well as progress reports to encourage pet owners to monitor important pet health characteristics over time. 
What a better mascot to point out some important pet considerations than The Pointer himself? Healthy but fun suggestions line the walls as decals and pop up in wonderfully unexpected places.
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