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This is a stack-it-high-watch-it-fly, modern five-and-dime where everything in the store screams, “Hey tweens! Yeah, we are talking to you!” This is not your grandma's dollar store, but a fresh take on the value of tween buying power.

five BELoW :: brand development
Admission is free. Everything else, $1 to $5. The previous owners of Zany Brainy toys had a big new idea but needed to put a face to it. They wanted to price everything in the store from $1 to $5, so we knew early on that the face should probably belong to George Washington. From a design perspective, we were banking on being able to visually stretch George’s face value to new levels, just like the store concept was quite literally doing.
A few years after launching the brand, Five Below's wild success and sheer volume of cool stuff had outgrown our original design. Dimensional signage helped to differentiate when we rolled out Version 2.0, adding shopper-friendly, chaos-busting, color-coded categories. Now Five Below is 400 stores strong and offers a targeted shopping experience and a fresh take on the value of tween buying power.
The logo design sprung from the temperature read on the brand name. One letter worked "o"-so-nicely as a degree symbol.
It's all about the Washingtons ... and the contrast of pop colors vs. black 'n white.
Once the name “Five Below” was established, we experimented with color palettes driven by extreme temperatures, mixed in some over-the-top cropping on George and then some not afraid-to-be-goth Franklin Gothic. Because the value proposition was a big deal, it deserved a medallion, so we put that front-and-center.
In-store displays needed a small footprint and a tall vertical reach for maximum visibility and maximum merchndising.

Our renderings show how the color-coded categories are separated by triangular bump-outs that define each category space but avoid blocking the line of sight. A can't-miss-it red hot items runway cuts down the middle of the store and provides a dramatic merchandising space for seasonal and temporary items.

Being a tween-powered brand means being right on time with back-to-school promotions.
And we just couldn't resist an on-brand going away message as customers exit the store.

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