Build-A-Bear Workshop :: NYC flagship store

What happens when Build-A-Bear Workshop debuts its internationally beloved retail concept at its 5th ave. flagship location? Bigger, bolder, furrier, more!

Build-A-Bear Workshop :: New York City :: flagship store

What happens when you debut an internationally beloved retail concept at its 5th ave. location? Bigger, bolder, furrier, more! 
The Build-A-Bear brand is no stranger to the art of the pun. Lucky fur me, this kind of wordsmithery was right up my alley. Many extreme creative libearties, such as the one above, were taken throughout throughout the project. 
A happy bear-builder stands in front of our corner spot on 46th & 5th Ave, where we took logo and brought it to life using 3D sculptures and animatronics.
We piped tubes of stuffing throughout all of the street level windows, letting it bisect light boxes and displays, and giving our three-dimensional bears opportunities to hang, swing, and lean on the very stuff that makes them so hug-worthy.
This flagship store provided an interesting traffic challenge that you don't see in your typical Build-A-Bear Workshop. Usually, BABW is nestled right in-line inside the mall on one level. In NYC, customers can choose to start the bear-making process upstairs or downstairs, so our staircase needed to look inviting.
Oversized banners called special attention to activities you can ONLY find on the lower level.
Inside a massive former New York library building, there was plenty of wall space for super-graphics. With a custom wallpaper bill that trumps most state budgets, we took advantage of every square inch.
Build-A-Bear fans who make the pilgrimage to "the biggest Build-A-Bear Workshop store in the world," expect to have a special experience, and the flagship store does not disappoint. As highlighted in this brochure, there are – fur starters – 10 "beary" special things to do there, from shopping exclusive collections of international outfits to sampling the fare at the world's first BABW café. 
One of the 10 "beary" special things fans can do at the flagship store is make their own "Kennel Pal" and give him or her a custom-engraved collar, just like you would a real pet. Boring store fixtures are not exactly Build-A-Bear's style, so our "collar ID" kiosk took a shape that any dog could love.
Design elements -- such as this stylized baby eyelet trim -- often found their way into printed materials [above] as well as three-dimensional fixtures [see below]. 
Using the top 50 bear names that kids actually give their new furry Build-A-Bear friends, we created a typographic wall pattern that would serve as a playful decorative background as well as some helpful inspiration to kids who use these computer stations to name their bears. 
Created for distribution inside NYC hotel rooms, this brochure was designed to move Build-A-Bear Workshop straight to the top of the list of kid-friendly urban tourist attractions.
Build-A-Bear Workshop is a brand rich in art and illustration, which always provides wonderful opportunities for coloring! The inside cover of this brochure has a built-in pocket to house a 4-pack of crayons as well as a scene of Ellis Island just begging to be turned into a full-color masterpiece. 
The store positively glows at night, just as we hope the bear-makers do when they tuck in their newly made friends and say goodnight.
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