Armstrong :: freshgreens

With a fresh visual take on the farmer's market, we designed and constructed Armstrong's 2011 GreenBuild exhibit using recycled, recyclable, repulpable smARTBOARD panels, making every structure green through and through.

Armstrong :: freshgreens at GreenBuild 2011
A fresh visual take on a farmers market turned organic museum with sustainable products on display. Built green for GreenBuild with recycled, recyclable, repulpable smARTBOARD panels.
Product totems drew visual interest with lush organic imagery and used the walls to spotlight key products on both sides of this 20' x 40' booth. Toward the center were two kiosk structures modeled after produce displays.
Color shift became important as the flooring product side took on a golden yellow as a solid color backdrop and the ceiling side went all green. There was no mistaking the product division with this sharp contrast. In terms of function and display, the two sides mirrored each other identically.
Designed as perimeter storage units, our supergraphic walls worked in all directions to create dramatic focus. They also provided inset display areas for showcasing the raw materials of what goes into Armstrong's sustainably sourced product lines.
Central structures created an up-close-and-personal look at the materials that really go into Armstrong's products, so each featured product was accompanied by a "Sustainability Facts" graphic inspired not at all accidentally by nutrition labels. 
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